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Sample Exams:

Sample Proposals:

Cambridge Sample Proposal A
Cambridge Sample Proposal B
Cambridge Sample Proposal C
Skyler's Proposal

Alyssa's Proposal
Daryn's Proposal

Sample Logs:

Brianna's Log
Margaux's Log
Lauren's Log
Skyler's Log
Alyssa's Log
Daryn's Log
Mae's Log

Sample Essays:

Margaux's Paper 4
Brianna's Paper 4
Lauren's Paper 4
Anna's Paper 4
Kaitlyn's Paper 4
Jan's Paper 4
Michelle's Paper 4
Miles' Paper 4
Skyler's Paper 4
Alyssa's Paper 4
Daryn's Paper 4
Top Cambridge Paper ex1
Top Cambridge Paper ex2
Top Cambridge Paper ex3
Top Cambridge Paper ex4

*Cambridge Example Candidate Responses and Rubrics on Blackboard

Instructional Materials:

Learners Guide
Rubric for paper 4
Research Planning Sheet
Initial Preparation: How to Start
Forming a Question
Your A Level Individual Research Report

Paper 4 Proposal Form
Proposal form tips
Evaluating Different Research Methodologies
Keeping Records and Forming Logs
Question Ideas, Concept Mapping
Choosing a Topic and Identifying and Refining a Question
How to contruct a notebook in OneNote
How Can I Check the Reliability of Internet Research
Cambridge Learners Guide
Inserts to Learners Guide A
Inserts to Learners Guide B
What should be included in your research folder?
Brianna's Notebook
Pre-submission checklist: in planning and writing up your research report, have you?
Paper 4: The Big Picture
Learner's Guide Checklist
Learner's Guide Overview
Reliability Check
Tips on Paper 4
Validation on Trump
A Level Validation Guide
Transition Examples for paper 4
Evaluation for Content and Source
How to Peer Review AS and A Level Papers

Supplementary Resources:

Citations Rules

Citation Rules
Example Concept Map
How to color code the daily log
Negative Validations
Plagerism for A Level
Words of Analysis
Writing the essay

The Role of the Teacher