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Sample Scaffolding
Sample Scaffolding 2

Sample Paper 2s:

Unit 1 Michelle Essay
Unit 2 Michelle Essay
Sample water essay
Sydney Askins essay
Sample genocide essay
Sample food essay (100)
Sample food essay (100)
Sample food essay (100)
Sample food essay (100)
Sample food essay (100)
Sample food essay (100)

Sample Paper 3s:

Sample Powerpoint 1
Sample Powerpoint 2
Sample Powerpoint 3
Sample Powerpoint 4
Sample Powerpoint 5

Sample Presentation 1
Sample Presentation 2
Sample Presentation 3

*Cambridge Example Candidate Responses and Rubrics on Blackboard

Instructional Materials:

Preparation Unit:

Preparation Unit Instructions
Fracking exercise

Link to fracking explained

Unit 1 - Water:

Unit 1 Water Instructions
Sample portfolio

Bird Article
Deconstruction of bird article
Good questions for unit 1

Unit 2 - Food:

Unit 2 Food Instructions

Unit 3 - Sex Trafficking & Child Soldiers:

Unit 3 Exploitation Instructions
Format for book highlighting/note taking

Sample of book note taking
Instructions for book deconstruction

Cambridge marks (rubric) for papers

Paper 1 (Written Examination):

Deconstruction labels and raven
Quiz on fallacies

Paper 2 (Essay):

Paper 2 instructions
Rubric for paper 2
Peer Review Checklist for Scaffolding (2017)
Areas of study with sample questions
How to write a good question
Sample quote, source analysis, & content analysis
Transition examples
Transition words
Elements of arguments
Scaffolding format
Scaffolding sample
Scaffolding rubric
Validation key words
Validation vocabulary
Checklist for peer reviewing of scaffolding/essay
Words of Analysis
Analysis vs Evaluation
Analysis article
Negative validations

Paper 3 (Group Presentation):

Paper 3 numbering
Presentation guidelines
Presentation rubric AO1, AO2, & AO3
Presentation rubric criteria for peer reviewing
Video links
Transition for presentations
Scaffolding for Presentation (Instructions and Rubric)
Reflective Paper Instructions and Rubric

Supplementary Resources:

Citation rules 6th edition
Citation help lecture
What is an annotated bibliography?
How to analyze
Citation machine link
How many slaves work for you?

Evaluations of US & UK media:

List of newspapers in UK
List of newspapers in US
Spectrum of liberal to conservative news outlets in US
Conservative news outlets in US

Cambridge Rubrics:

Paper 1 Rubric
Paper 2 Rubric
Paper 3 Rubric