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Sample Exams:

Sample Proposals:

Cambridge Sample Proposal A
Cambridge Sample Proposal B
Cambridge Sample Proposal C

Sample Logs:

Brianna's Log
Margaux's Log
Lauren's Log
Dylan's Log
Emma's Log

Sample Essays:

Margaux's Paper 4
Brianna's Paper 4
Lauren's Paper 4
Anna's Paper 4
Kaitlyn's Paper 4
Jan's Paper 4
Michelle's Paper 4
Miles' Paper 4
Jonathan's Paper 4
Ari's Paper 4
Genesis's Paper 4
Lauren M's Paper 4
Olivia's Paper 4
Dana's Paper 4
Mollie's Paper 4
Abbey's Paper 4
Nathaniel's Paper 4
Blair's Paper 4

Top Cambridge Paper ex1
Top Cambridge Paper ex2
Top Cambridge Paper ex3
Top Cambridge Paper ex4

*Cambridge Example Candidate Responses and Rubrics on Blackboard

Instructional Materials:

How to Succeed in A Level Global - Genesis
Learners Guide

How to Use the Learner's Guide
Rubric for paper 4
Research Planning Sheet
Initial Preparation: How to Start
Forming a Question
Your A Level Individual Research Report

Paper 4 Proposal Form
Proposal form tips
Evaluating Different Research Methodologies
Keeping Records and Forming Logs
Question Ideas, Concept Mapping
Choosing a Topic and Identifying and Refining a Question
How Can I Check the Reliability of Internet Research
Cambridge Learners Guide
Inserts to Learners Guide A
Inserts to Learners Guide B
What should be included in your research folder?
How to do a OneNote Folder
Sample Research Folder - Makenna
Brianna's Notebook
Pre-submission checklist: in planning and writing up your research report, have you?
Paper 4: The Big Picture
Learner's Guide Checklist
Learner's Guide Overview
Reliability Check
Tips on Paper 4
Validation on Trump
A Level Validation Guide
Transition Examples for paper 4
Evaluation for Content and Source
How to be a Good Grader
How to Peer Review AS and A Level Papers
How to do Paper 4 Blocking
Blocking with Numbers
Sample of How to Pick your Experts
How to Pick your Experts Chart
How to Grammar Check an Essay
How to Set Up Your Calendar in 365
How to Set Up Log Entries
How to develop umbrella reasons
Organization for A Level
Research Methodologies
Editing your Paper and Others - Lauren
How to Organize

Supplementary Resources:

Citations Rules

Citation Rules
Tools for Using Your Computer
Example Concept Map
How to color code the daily log
Negative Validations
Plagerism for A Level
Words of Analysis
Writing the essay

How to contruct a notebook in OneNote
The Role of the Teacher
How to Share Documents