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About Sandy Crihfield


I was born in Uniontown, Pennsylvania (close to Pittsburgh) I grew up in West Virginia. (Lucky me) I married my college sweetheart and he is still my sweetheart. I have had four great best friends, my three cocker spaniels, Gretchen, Jenny, and Bella and we adopted my mom' dog, Molly. Gretchen, Jenny, and Molly are dead now but their spirits are always with me. You will see pictures of them in my room. I have lived in West Virginia, Virginia, and Florida.
I broke my neck and mangled my right hand in a fall from a horse 14 years ago. It was a life changing event but I hope it has made me a better person. My father died in 2000 of bone cancer. He was an attorney and a driving force of my life. My mother died in May 2014 and was a homemaker who quit college after two years to put my father through law school. I have a sister who teaches kindergarten in WV. My family believed in education and a no fail attitude. We were a very traditional American family. Defeat was not a word used in my house.


West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV Marshall University, Huntington, WV (Bachelors in Sec. Ed.) James Madison University, Harrisonburg, Virginia (Masters of Arts, History-major Education-minor) I'm wearing a dress! Nova Southeastern University, Ft. Lauderdale, FL (Doctorate, major- higher ed. with a specialization in curriculum and instruction) Dissertation – The Development and Validation of a Multicultural Course in American History from 1877 to the Present at Manatee Community College Additional coursework: Jacksonville University and University of South Florida.

Teaching Experience:

Middle school, high school, drop-out program at vocational school, preparatory academy, college, university, graduate school, and supervised student teachers in kindergarten through high school. My experience is in both public and private schools.

These are a few of my favorite things:

My husband, books, the beach, Jimmy Buffett music, architecture, interior design, beach bottles, rocks ( I started collecting at 4) (thanks Aubry, Kory, Austin, Liam), horses, dogs, polo, the keys, cool junk (thanks Sean), sea shells, the cities of London and Paris, Scotland, my Jeep, history, and really interesting people.

Big Deals:

My broken neck, my doctorate, cantering a horse, my own surf board, lasting love, running the 7-mile bridge, hiking in the rainforest, climbing three pyramids, biking 10,000 feet down Mt. Haleakala, snorkeling with a green sea turtle for an hour, bench pressing 135 lbs., walking at Antietam Battlefield, listening to a horse run, sitting in the National Cathedral, taking care of my dad while he was dying, running 18,000 miles, taking care of my mom for 18 years, seeing the Grateful Dead, having a picnic in Luxembourg Gardens - Paris, doing 60 military push- ups( required in basic training), being at Stonehedge on the summer equinox, seeing the Queen of England and her whole family on her birthday, zip lining,  getting to stand in places I have dreamed of seeing and read about, looking at the water, teaching, The Pyramids at Giza, Versailles, sleeping in a castle, attending Even Song at Westmister Cathedral, St. Peter's Cathedral, Walking Hadrian's Wall, meeting everyone in Scotland, having a Best in the World student, Maui, students who never leave my heart, the borrowed dress at Glenapp Castle, finding sea glass from the North Sea, and unconditional trust.


Collecting rocks and sea shells, reading, history, excellence, doing new things.

Zip Lining:

I had one big adventure-----I went zip lining in Ocala at the Canyons.  Nine zip lines and two swinging bridges were amazing.  I am truly afraid of heights and bridges so it was a real challenge for me.  The longest line was 1100 feet long, 90 feet in the air and at a speed of 45 miles an hour.  What a thrill!!!


I lost my beloved Bella the week after school was out. We lost a part of us.. She was a 9 year old parti-colored (Black and White) Cocker Spaniel.  She was the sweetest dog!  I have had four Cocker Spaniels in my life and it took us 5 years to be ready to start again after my Jenny died. We decided to not make that mistake again, as we were sad for 5 years, so we have a new puppy - Sophie. She is a joyous Cocker puppy. So if your paper has a tear in it, you will know that I was happily sitting with my pup, Sophie, while I was grading your paper.   At least you will know I was in a great mood while I was grading your paper. Pictures soon. I have been very blessed to have these wonderful souls in my life.

Good-Bye Friends:

I tried to remember all the great students who are leaving for college that I will miss so much  / bye-bye good friends, I wish you happiness. What will I do without all the great students who make my job a wonderful one.............I guess you will start changing the world now............ The lucky professors that are now meeting my best friends...............I miss you already..  Everyone in A Level American History make sure you have those great conversations with your friends over coffee. I will never forget you!!!!!! Forrest you are still the "one". Brooke, Sean, Aylene, Aubry, Olivia, Sydney, Ashley, Attila, Brianna, Anna, and Daryn, stay in touch. Alli and Ally what will I do without you? Tanner some day you will be the newest star on Broadway. Alyssa, Brianna, and Daryn how will I do it without you? Brianna, thank you for the professional website! Be yourself and be happy!!! Joseph you can't be leaving!!!!!!! What will I do? Jan and Natalie who will keep me organized??? Conor and Colin, what will my day be like without you?

If I won the lottery... :

Move to Maui and live by the ocean with my husband, teach part-time at the University of Hawaii and then give the other half of my winnings to The Southern Poverty Law Center, Habitat for Humanity, and the SPCA.

This summer I... :

I had a great summer! My neice stayed the summer and it was amazing. How lucky to spend time with someone so awesome. I am still crying!!!! I got to run almost every day.  Man, it was hot this summer! I ran 326 miles taking my 12 years to a total of 18,033 miles! I spent time doing all the projects I have put off during the year.  My husband is great at the mechanics of all my ideas.
I got to have breakfast or dinner with old student friends, Sydney and Ashley, Aylene and Alex , and Daryn.  The best of times were just going to see the ocean at my favorite places, enjoying time with my best friend, my husband and my wonderful dog, Sophie. Man, I need to spend more time with these two, they complete my life. It all sped by too fast!

Me and my friends My family

Homecoming Baby me